Three Major Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

If you are feeling any such effects at this time, your body may just be gluten intolerant. But not to worry, after examining these next three major gluten sensitivity symptoms, you can easily set your body off on a course of recovery. And one of the easier things to begin with is adjusting your regular meal plans to be entirely gluten free. This is easy. Just go and visit your local supermarket and look out for the gluten free label. That can’t be missed. It’s all over the show. The three major symptoms being highlighted here are those of irritable bowel syndrome, gluten ataxia and the wheat allergy.

Your irritable bowel syndrome is popularly also known as IBS. It is an experience of pain within the abdomen along with symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and/or a combination of all. Currently, at least twenty percent of the US population has IBS. It can be treated and reversed by simply going gluten free. Gluten ataxia is a complex symptom. It is an autoimmune deficiency that is neurological in its character, affecting muscle coordination. Associated symptoms of this condition are fatigue, difficulty in swallowing, speaking, muscle tremors and an abnormal gait. While this is a symptom of gluten intolerance it is fortunately quite a rare one.

gluten sensitivity symptoms

The wheat allergy is also rare. The body is over sensitized to wheat. Symptoms such as hives and rashes can occur. Diarrhea and abdominal cramping can also occur. And so too asthma and headaches. This rare allergy is, however, only commonly experienced among young children. But fortunately there is a tendency to outgrow this allergy as the children approach their teens. Needless to say, those who suffer from wheat allergies need to avoid all foods that contain this natural ingredient. But they are still in a fortunate position to enjoy their regular meals through alternative sources that turn out to be far healthier.

The use of quinoa is now not such a rare example. Health aware consumers are catching on to this natural wonder as they adjust their regular diets towards being almost entirely gluten free. No amount of self sacrifice is really required when making dietary adjustments because the food is quite easy to prepare and rather tasty.